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Should You Brush Your Locs

May 25, 2022

Brushing your locs is no new trend. It's a practice that's gone on for ages. There are a few different reasons why people choose to brush their locs and here we will discuss 2 common reasons.

1) Some brush their locs for the prevention of lint accumulation. While brushing your locs won't remove lint that is already imbedded into your locs, it will remove new lint that is on the surface. It's best to brush your locs after lint exposure like after wearing a wooly sweater or laying on an old blanket. It's also highly recommended to brush your locs before washing your hair so that any new lint that may be sitting on the surface of your locs will be removed prior to getting wet. Just like how water helps locs to loc up, water will encourage lint to imbed into your locs.

Remember to clean your brush between uses so that you aren't redepositing lint back into your hair. 

2) Another reason why people brush their locs is to distribute product throughout their hair more evenly. It helps to ensure that the product doesn't just sit on the surface of the loc but that it gets to the stands deep within the loc.


Whatever your reason for brushing your locs, be sure to only brush hair that is mostly fully locd since you don't want to disturb the locking process. Also remember to use a soft boar bristle brush for your maintenance. Soft bristles won't disturb your stands and as always, be gentle with your locs. 

Check out this YouTube video for more tips on lint prevention:


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