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The Black Woman's Guide to self-Love & Loc Maintenance

More Than A Hair Journey

The Black Woman's Guide to Self-Love & Loc Maintenance

More Than A Hair Journey

Book Reviews

"This was an outstanding book to read. The author delivers a stunning and compelling account about her experiences living with locs and how to grow, clean & maintain healthy locs. The knowledge in this book will empower many that still struggle with self-love and being beautiful. This book is recommended as a must read by everyone."

Dr. Sanika Chirwa; Professor, Neuroscience & Pharmacology

"I've been following her YouTube channel for a while now and this book encapsulates her wisdom, which is beyond her years! Great read, great loc maintenance tips."

Koleen B.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this book! I just started my loc journey a week ago, so I found this book very inspiring and helpful. I found a lot of tips to help me along the way. The first half of the book was so uplifting! I'm glad I found this book, and I highly recommend it."

Nadia Nicole Rivers