What is "horsetail"?

Keisha Charmaine infuses her products with organic horsetail herbs. Horsetail is packed with silica, selenium, cysteine and more. It's great for improving the speed of hair growth, helps to thicken sparse hair, reduces dandruff, improves circulation and strengthens your strands to encourage length retention and reducing breakage.

Hair Growth Oil

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Satin Lined Hats

New Book: "Mase, Maya & Mary the Loc Fairy" on Amazon.com

Keisha Charmaine wrote this book to support, encourage and inspire young black children with locs along their journey. The goal is to remind them to feel worthy regardless of the naysayers they my encounter in school.

Synopsis: Twin siblings, Mase and Maya, are excited to start a new school in a new town but their classmates make them feel very unwelcomed. Mase and Maya are the only black students with locs and are bullied about their hair. The twins' parents think quickly and call upon Mary the Loc Fairy to help them feel empowered as beautiful black children with locs.

Model photographed: Gia Chrysostome

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