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Tips for Moisturizing Locs

March 30, 2022

Moisturizing locs is a simple concept yet often people do it all wrong. People tend to focus on oils primarily when oils are truly secondary. Our priority should be water and using water based products.

Washing your hair regularly is important because it's the only time our hair tends to get fully saturated (besides while swimming however ocean and pool water may dry our hair out). After our hair is shampooed, we should follow up with a conditioner that can be easily rinsed out or follow up with an oil like The Horsetail Leaf Growth Oil. Below is a video of my demonstration of the following not so commonly discussed tips to get your moisturizing on point:

1. Continuous Spray Bottles

These bottles create such a fine mist that it's able to be distributed thoroughly throughout the hair. They release a lot of mist with a single spray which is convenient for those with thick and loc hair.

2. Scrunch or Rake

After misting, squeeze the water into the locs so it's not just sitting on the surface. Scrunching is great for your loc curls and raking is great if your locs are straight or in twists or braids.

3. Advance your hydration

Water is what moisturizes hair but you can amplify your hydration with ingredients such as aloe vera juice and rose water like the Rose Water Moisturizer. Rose water (hydrosol) will give your hair the most benefits versus boiling rose petals (rose tea) due to the distillation process making rose water (hydrosol) very concentrated and potent.

4. Seal in moisture

Oil should be used on the hair as a sealant, after it's been moisturized, so that the hydration lasts longer. Oiling hair without moisturizing hair may give an appearance of hydrated hair but it may still feel dry to the touch. Try the Horsetail Leaf Growth Oil.

5. Use Satin

Satin pillowcases are very beneficial when it comes to keeping your hair hydrated. Cotton pillowcases strip the moisture out while satin leaves the hair smooth and soft with the moisture retained.

For an in-depth breakdown and demonstration, check out my latest YouTube video:


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