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8 Tips for Conditioning Locs At Home

August 07, 2023

If your locs tend to get brittle, have trouble retaining moisture or they are color treated, you’ll benefit greatly from conditioning them regularly. Here are my tips for using conditioner at home while avoiding product build up in your locs:

1. Thoroughly wash your locs first with a clarifying shampoo. Conditioner washes out easier when you shampoo your locs a few rounds first.

2. Add conditioner to fully saturated, dripping wet locs. Don’t wring out the water prior to application so assist in distributing the product all over.

3. Use a milky conditioner or dilute your conditioner so it can be distributed throughout your locs easier. Avoid adding heavy conditioner without diluting first.

4. After fully rinsing, fully submerge your locs in water (use a stopped sink or a basin) and massage your locs as they soak.

5. While massaging excess conditioner out of your locs, focus on the areas where your locs tend to hold onto product like the spot where your locked hair meets your loose new growth towards your roots.

6. Go to a loctician for your loc maintenance and grooming for the best quality conditioner. Plus having someone else condition your hair helps because they can see the process better than you. You can’t see if you missed a spot better than they can.

7. Deep clean your locs a couple times a year using methods such as an apple cider vinegar (ACV) soak.

8. Use a moisturizing leave in conditioner spray on a regular basis or even daily to reduce your need for conditioning your locs at home each wash. I recommend the Rose Water Moisturizer by Love Light & Locs available at https://www.keishacharmaine.com


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