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Why Scalp Health is Paramount for Hair Growth

January 10, 2024

While we understand that hair growth starts at the scalp, most have no clue of what supports hair growth outside of "hair growth products" and "hair growth supplements". This blog post will explain the stages of hair growth and some of the best ways we can maintain the health of our scalp to ensure that our hair is performing optimally at each stage.

(via healthline)

The anagen phase may last about 5 years on average so that is how long a single strand will grow. About 90% of the hair on our scalp will be in this phase at any given moment. The catagen phase takes about 10 days and this is when growing slows as the follicle shrinks. The telegen phase is known as the resting phase because this is when the hairs in this phase don't grow and this stage can last for a few months. Lastly the exogen stage is when the strands shed, up to 100 strands a day is considered normal.


Some things you can do to maintain the health of your hair growth phases is to regularly consume a healthy balanced diet including healthy fats, proteins, vitamins D, C, B12, iron, zinc, staying hydrated and quitting smoking.


But did you know that blood circulation to the scalp is paramount for healthy hair growth? Blood carries nourishment to the scalp. If your blood circulation is poor, your hair growth may be less than desirable. Some things that hinder scalp circulation are smoking, high blood pressure, eczema, psoriasis, obesity and other heart conditions.


Exercise helps with improve blood flow in the body thus helping with blood flow to the scalp. Exercise also helps with some of the conditions mentioned above. Be sure to implement regular scalp massages to encourage blood flow as well. These massages are best done in conjuction with growth stimulating oils like the Horsetail Leaf Growth Oil and the Emu Oil Growth Drops. These products have essential oils which help stimulate blood flow and they are infused with horsetail, a powerful herb that's packed with silica, selenium and cysteine, all proven to be very effective for hair growth. These can be purchased individually or together in the Emerald Bundle


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