Collection: Detox Shampoo

The Love, Light & Locs Loc Detox Clarifying Shampoo is a natural shampoo providing the answer to your build-up concerns. This amazing deep cleaning shampoo penetrates your locs as you wash, to clear away dandruff, excess oil, dirt, sweat and product build up. Continued use results in tremendous reduction of visible stubborn product buildup while still maintaining moisture in your hair. No more stripped feeling from other loc detox regimes.

We recommend that you follow up with the Rose Water Moisturizer after towel drying, sealing in moisture with the Horsetail Leaf Growth Oil, massage the Emu Oil Growth Drops into problem areas like the hairline or edges and lastly groom and retwist with the Love Light & Locs Gel. Mist with the Rose Water Moisturizer throughout the week as needed and spray with the LoCologne for a boost of hair fragrance.