Collection: Locking Gel

Should you use gel in your locs?

There are many different types of products on the market used for loc grooming. There are gels, locking sprays, waxes, pomades, mousse etc. Many locticians and experts have different perspectives on whether or not locking gel should be used in one’s loc maintenance routine. It’s important to note that your locs will cultivate regardless of the product you use, you don’t even have to use a locking gel for your locs to form at all, however, finding the best locking gel is highly recommended. Gel with a strong hold is great for helping you achieve a long-lasting sleek finish which is desirable for many occasions. It is also ideal for those who prefer a neater general appearance as opposed to the freeform look, achieved by people who don’t use products or twisting methods to loc their hair at all, which is also beautiful. It is all about preference here.

What ingredients to look for in locking gel? What is product build-up?

When it comes to styling products for natural hair, it’s important to prioritize maintaining the health of our tresses first. If the first ingredient listed isn’t water soluble or water itself, then it is made of an ingredient that is more likely to cause product build up. Product build up is the “gunk” that is left behind in hair that hasn't been washed out. When product build up remains in dreadlocks, over time it may cause stiffness, thinning, heaviness and an unattractive gray cast. This often happens when you don’t wash your dreads often enough or if you use the wrong shampoo. Locs are typically low maintenance but should still be washed very regularly to maintain healthy hair and scalp. Gel itself is not the problem, especially if it’s a natural water based gel like the Love, Light & Locs Gel, however, one’s wash routine is more likely the problem. Be sure to use a clarifying shampoo when using products in your locs such as hair growth oils like this popular one and heavy gels.

The best locking gel will also have ingredients that promote hair health such as aloe vera, bamboo and horsetail. Aloe is great for hydration of the hair and scalp as well as it being an excellent natural conditioner. The best part of having aloe vera in locking gel is that aloe is top tier for scalp health in that it’s soothing, reduces dandruff and has healing properties. Bamboo is an excellent ingredient for locking gel because it is high in silica, a lot like horsetail. Horsetail is an essential ingredient in hair care products that put the health of the hair first. Horsetail keeps hair very strong and promotes tremendous growth. Learn more about the incredible herb of horsetail here. This powerful trio of ingredients are all included in the formulation of the Love, Light & Locs Gel. Looking for the best locking gel because of its great hold and its health benefits, look no further.