Collection: Satin Lined Hats

Why is satin important for natural hair care?

Natural black hair tends to dry out easier than other hair types, causing fragility and brittleness, so it requires consistent moisture and protection. Satin helps natural hair retain moisture as opposed to cotton which sucks the moisture out of kinky, coily and curly hair. Therefore, it is best to wear satin lined accessories such as the Satin Lined Hat which can be worn as a hat in the cold weather or it can fit your locs, braids or twists inside if they are short to medium length or not too thick. These satin lined hats come in many colors to coordinate with your outfits. They are sleek and fashionable too.

Satin also keeps your hair smooth and sleek. Bonnet and hair scarves for sleeping are typically satin material for this reason. They allow you to go to bed and wake up with your hair preserved so that you can do minimal styling in the morning while getting ready. However, some of us prefer not to wear hair scarves and bonnets because they often cause headaches, and they often don’t stay on our heads all night. If you fall into this category, you will greatly benefit from Satin Pillowcases. Most pillowcases are made of cotton which dry our hair out, so switching to satin is highly recommended. Even if we do opt to sleep in satin bonnets and scarves, we still benefit from satin pillowcases on the occasions when our bonnets and scarves slip off completely or when they expose our hairlines.

Plus, many women wear bonnets incorrectly and don’t even know it. The elastic band on a bonnet, which is not satin material, should be laid on our foreheads and temples. However, many women will lay the elastic on their delicate hair causing more issues such as hair loss and hair thinning at the nape of the neck and temples. This can be avoided with the regular use of satin pillowcases. Satin pillowcases also add a beautiful upgrade to your bedroom. They make your bedding appear much more luxurious and attractive with their likeness to silk, so they are a beautiful and opulent addition to your bedroom.

Men need moisture retention and protection just like women. Men tend to wear natural hairstyles more than women do and they often have the same issues we have when wearing their du-rags like getting headaches from tightness and the du-rags sliding off from being too loose. Also, many men complain about the indent that du-rags leave on their foreheads. Satin pillowcases and satin lined hats are a great solution for men too. They are unisex and serve the purpose of keeping hair protected, sleek and moisturized.