Collection: Headwraps

What headwraps are easy enough for beginners?

If you are a new to accessorizing your locs with headwraps, the infinity headwrap is a great option for you because they are so easy to style. The need for tying and tucking is eliminated with these headwraps for locs, braids, twists and even afro hairstyles. They are called infinity headwraps due to their seamless nature and because there is an infinite number of ways to wear them, figuratively. There are tutorials available if you feel stuck regarding the many different ways to style and re-style them. Infinity Headwraps also are available in many different colors and designs for you to suit your own personal style every day. They are stretchy so that they are one-size-fits-most and that helps the material stay in place.

What are they made of? Shouldn’t we only use satin on natural hair?

Infinity headwraps are made of a blend of different materials. For this reason, it is not recommended to wear all day or overnight because they aren’t designed to keep your hair sleek, smooth or help retain the moisture of natural hair. Satin products are best for all day or overnight use. If you are looking for satin products, check out the satin lined hats or the satin pillowcases.

Can you wear infinity headwraps on baby locs or starter locs?

Anyone can wear infinity headwraps, regardless of how long or short their hair is. However, the style options are more limited when your hair is short. You can adjust the width of the infinity headwrap however you like and wear them as headbands. If your hair is very long, you have very many options but the most options lie somewhere in the middle with locs that range from shoulder length to waist length. That middle range is most versatile and easiest to style in my opinion.

What is the best way to wear the infinity headwrap on long locs?

My locs are almost 40 inches long and my favorite way to wear the infinity headwrap is as a covering for my high loc bun. Loc buns are a staple for those of us with long locs since our hair can get in the way and inconvenience us in different scenarios. That is why it is convenient to wear our hair in buns, covered in infinity headwraps, helping us keep our hair tied up and out of the way.

It is never too late to start wearing headwraps. You can be a beginner with short baby locs or starter locs.  You can have teenage locs where your dreads aren’t fully formed or you can have mature locs of all lengths. Using headwraps can be very intimidating so it’s great to start with the simplest and easiest headwrap for locs, braids, twists and natural hair in general, the infinity headwrap.

If you are seasoned in headwraps or you are ready to try more intricate styles, try long headwraps. There are tutorials here for fast learning.