Collection: Hair Accessories for Locs

What types of accessories are best for locs?

Locs are generally a very low maintenance natural hairstyle due to the fact that wash days don’t consist of detangling, diffusing, LCO moisturizing, etc. Not only is the day to day care simple, but the accessorizing is too. You can wear jewelry in your hair, headbands, pins, bows, flowers, caps and headwraps. While some of these accessories are adornments, many of them are fashion statements on their own. If you are a new to accessorizing your locs with headwraps, the infinity headwrap is a great option for you because they are so easy to style. They are called infinity headwraps due to their seamless nature and because there is an infinite number of ways to wear them, figuratively, and tutorials are available if you feel stuck. Infinity Headwraps also are available in many different colors and designs for you to suit your own personal style each and every day.

Satin lined hats are a staple accessory for people with locs and natural hair because our hair loves satin. Satin keeps our hair sleek, smooth and they don’t suck the moisture out of your hair like many other fabrics do. This is a leg up that satin lined caps have over infinity headwraps. For infinity headwraps to give the possibility of countless styling options, they must be made of stretchy material. Satin doesn’t stretch so such headwraps cannot be satin lined. For this reason, infinity headwraps are recommended to be worn during the day but not all day, to prevent to possibility of drying out our hair. Satin Lined Hats can be worn as a hat in the cold weather to keep warm or they can fit your locs inside if they are short to medium length or not too thick. These satin lined hats come in many colors to coordinate with your outfits. They are sleek and fashionable too, much like infinity headwraps.

Now satin pillowcases aren’t necessarily natural hair accessories, they are an essential element to one’s bedding however it is to the great benefit of people with natural kinky, coily and curly hair. Most pillowcases are made of cotton which dry our hair out, so switching to satin is highly recommended. Even if we do opt to sleep in satin bonnets and scarves, we still benefit from satin pillowcases on the occasions when our bonnets and scarves slip off completely or when they expose our hairlines. Men need moisture retention and protection just like women. Men will also benefit from accessorizing their locs with satin lined hats and using satin pillowcases. Satin pillowcases and satin lined hats are a great solution for men too. They are unisex and serve the purpose of keeping hair protected, sleek and moisturized.