Collection: Loc Moisturizer

How do you moisturize locs?

It is a very common misconception that locs need oil for moisture when the reality is that oil alone will give the temporary appearance of moisturized hair. Most oils will simply sit on the surface of dry hair and while it may look shiny, it may feel brittle. Technically, oil is needed to seal in moisture however if you skip moisturizing and proceed to applying oil, you’ll be sealing in dryness. True moisture comes from water and water-based products. It is vital to read the ingredients list on product labels to be sure that water is a main ingredient. Ingredients are listed in order of abundance for every product. Water alone will moisturize hair but ingredients such as aloe vera amplify hydration. Using a loc moisturizer blend such as the Rose Water Moisturizer to mist your hair daily will improve the health of your locs.

Why are my locs so dry?

There are many reasons why your locs may feel dry and it’s often the result of damage. A very common culprit is heat damage. Heat damage occurs when you use artificial heat such as an overhead dryer, a hand-held blow dryer and exposure to an excessive amount of bright production lights or portable space heaters. For those with loose natural hair, you can also include curling irons and flat irons alike. Heat damage in some cases is irreparable but in other cases, in can be repaired with proper upkeep. Hot oil treatments and deep conditioning treatments are great options to improve the state of your locs drastically. Other reasons why your locs could be so dry is because of color damage. Improper dye jobs or poor dye aftercare can create brittle locs, especially if bleach was involved. I believe the most common cause of brittle locs is neglect. Many people get locs because it is generally a very low maintenance hairstyle however there are still things you must do to keep your hair healthy and flourishing. A couple easy ways to maintain soft and moisturized locs is by washing it regularly with a clarifying shampoo and following up with a moisturizing shampoo. Conditioner is recommended but only if the conditioner has a more milky consistency versus a thick creamy consistency so it can be more easily washed out. Secondly, using a daily leave in conditioner mist such as the Rose Water Moisturizer is a quick and simple way to ensure that your locs are moisturized adequately on a regular basis.