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Rose Water Hair Moisturizer 10oz


This blend was carefully crafted for optimum hydration and nourishment for your natural hair, leaving you with long lasting moisture and softer hair. Conditioning Leave-in Spray in a continuous mist spray bottle for quick and generous application.


Organic Rose Water, Distilled Water, Organic Aloe Vera Juice, Glycerin, Horsetail Extract

Suggested Use:

Generously mist hair and scalp for hydration, deodorization or for an aromatic pick-me-up when needed. Can be used daily, after washing, while styling, on locs, braids, twists and updos. Best used prior to oil application (The Horsetail Leaf Growth Oil is recommended.)

Store in a dry, cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Best for a month. Store in the fridge to extend life of this organic product.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Monique Campbell-Wong
Very moisturizing

While using this product it made my locs extremely soft and held up moisture for days. Excellent combo with the horsetail oil

Bernadette Richardson
Rosewater hair moisturizer

I have not identified any extraordinary benefits using this product

I use it in my baby boy’s hair.

I can tell a huge difference in me and my son’s hair. I have locs and I can tell how healthy my hair looks. My hair in the summer gets extremely dry. The moisturizer alows my scalp and locs to look healthy throughout the day. I knew this product worked for real when I looked at my son’s hair. He doesn’t have locs but he has curly fro mix baby hair. I struggled to find products that will keep his curls healthy. His hair looks so good. With him being a toddler he does not like to sit still. So it’s nice to quickly get some oil in there and spray his hair with the moisturizer. Thank you!!


So Refreshing!!

First of all, my locs are singing, dancing & shouting from the roof tops about how refreshing and moisterized they feel. I've used it twice and can already notice a difference.. Smell good!!
Second of all I would like to address how customer FRIENDLY, FAIR and FAST it was to work with you on email. I had received my Rose Water in a bottle that was half full due to the package getting pretty banged up during shipping. I instantly reached out to the email provided and was taken care of "That Same Day". I sent the pics of the bottle and of how the box arrived, not your fault at all of course and you immediately emailed me back with a solution that I great fully accepted. Thank you for being professional & fair.

Made my hair so soft!!

I've tried different rose water sprays from my local beauty supply but this one was soooo much better! Made my 4c microlocs so soft. Plus, it's light enough to use every other day or daily. I can really feel the difference after using it. Definitely a product I would consider re-investing in!


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