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How often should people wash their locs?

People with locs need to use a clarifying shampoo to wash their locs regularly, especially if they use products such as gel or conditioners in their hair. Moisturizing shampoo should be used after the clarifying shampoo to replenish the moisture to the hair. Depending on how much product we use, how much we sweat, the state of our scalp, etc. it’ll determine if we need to wash our locs every 2 weeks, every 4 weeks or every 6 weeks. If we wash our hair ourselves versus if we are paying a locstylist or locticians will further help us determine how often washing our locs is practical. But regardless if your locs are mature or starter locs, your locs need to be washed regularly to maintain the health of your scalp and hair.

What products should people with locs use? What are good ingredients for loc products?

People with locs should use a clarifying shampoo, a moisturizing shampoo, a conditioner (diluted or one that isn’t very thick), a leave in conditioner or daily hair mist, a retwist locking gel and hair growth oils. These types of products are recommended for people who prefer to maintain their hair the tradition way with retwisting, palmrolling and locksmything.

The types of shampoo needed are explained above. Leave-in conditioner and hair mist are great to use after washes, before styling and for daily hydration. These should be water based. Some great additional ingredients include rose water, glycerin, and aloe vera juice. A great option is the Rose Water Moisturizer by Love, Light & Locs. The best locking gels will also include ingredients that help nourish the hair and scalp along with have a strong hold. Love, Light & Locs has a great gel that has aloe vera, horsetail extract and bamboo which are very nourishing ingredients. The best hair growth oils include herb infusion for a lot of added benefits. Horsetail is an excellent choice because of its high mineral content of silica and selenium. The Horsetail Leaf Growth Oil, Emu Oil Growth Drops and Herb and Lime Oil by Love, Light & Locs all are infused with horsetail herbs.

How often should I retwist my locs?

Your locs should be retwisted according to your preference. Some people prefer to maintain a very sleek look while others don’t. If you prefer a sleeker more maintained look, then retwisting after every wash would be ideal while others may wait to retwist for a special occasion. Regardless of whether or not you generally prefer a sleek look on a regular basis or if you only want a sleek look on special occasions, this gel is  a great pick due to its health benefits, it being water based and it provides a strong hold.